Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I know I have major milestones to blog about such as Superman turning four!
But I have to get this down or i'll burst.
 Its amazing to me how much joy there is in progress. If i can get real for a moment, almost everyday for the first two months I would tell kp that it wasnt going to work and we had to send her back.
What a difference almost a year makes. I hope this story shows a glimpse of how far we've all come from a girl who didnt talk and didnt know her own name.
"Feefee" as she sometimes calls herself was supposed to be napping. She can be sneaky and try to pretend that she has been fast asleep as I am opening the door. But she was also instantly sad when I came in. It still takes her a loooooong time to work through hers fears of talking but I told her I loved her even when she disobeys and that she could always tell momma why she was sad. After about 20 minutes of trying to work through the conversation, she finally admitted to disobeying and not telling the truth. I asked her if this is what she was sad about?

She simply started crying.
I let her climb in my lap.
She was devastated that she had disobeyed...

This really is huge.

I began to talk to her about sin. And how its ok to be sad about sin. Because sin makes Jesus sad too.
She cried harder.

And to be honest, I was encouraged by her tears. Feeling sad about disobedience, understanding disobedience only makes us unhappy, being able to tell the truth and being devastated about doing the wrong thing…this all equals progress.

And in ministry such as being a foster parent, you knowingly accept that you may not see the fruits of your labors, when you DO get to see the progress…it fills the heart with joy.

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