Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The gospel of foster care and adoption

I took you in when you didn't think you needed it
I gave you a place to belong when all you wanted was your old life
I give you a place to lay you head and find rest even though you are ungrateful
I feed you and clothe you though no thanks I hear
I teach you  right from wrong though you continue to lie to me
I gave away what might have been my life in order to give you a second chance at yours
I brought you into my family even though you continue to push me away
I watch you strive for worldly achievements and not strive to please me
I care for your every need though you search for more
I  long to heal the broken places in your heart though you have them sealed away under your anger
I hurt when you give your love away to other so easily but withhold it from me
I continue to put my heart aside to care for yours
I desire above all else, reconciliation
I know what is best for you though you refuse to listen
I love you even when you disobey
I accept you just as you are even though you try to be someone you are not
I love you even though you do not love me.

This is the bitter sweet tellings of my life with my 12 yr old. But as I re-read it, more than that, I saw how God feels toward his unrepentant, unbelieving children.

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