Sunday, October 14, 2012

Being a parent (and foster parent) can be alot like running:

* There are times when I ask myself why in the world I am doing this

*There are times when i remind myself that "I'm out here and I'm doing it"

*There is most likely, always pain involved. But the pain is necessary to make me grow

*I can always choose to not exert myself but it will not help me be better, I will only become more lazy

*Hills are hard, sometimes in the middle I feel like I'll never get to the top. And I won't, if I quit in the middle and say "It's too hard." But if I just keep my feet moving, eventually I can get to the top and breathe. (possibly throw up)

*Sometimes I need to ask for help. Other people have been doing this longer and know how to keep me from making beginners mistakes.

*Sometimes a prayer can carry me farther than I think my body can.

*Endurance and longevity come from a daily commitment to being your best.

*There are days I tell myself I'm crazy.

*There are days where it feels like everything is falling apart.

*Breaks are vital and necessary. Sometimes rest is just as important as the work

*Sometimes I want to shut out the world and put my headphones one. But God makes the batteries die so I listen to the rain and his creation. Sometimes he slows us down so we can listen to him.

*There are days I tell myself that I can't possibly go on.

*There are other days when I feel like superwoman

*Sometimes I need new shoes. (ok that one is a stretch, but what runner/mom doesn't need new shoes. come. on.)

*Sometimes you have to go through parts that are foggy, dark or just plain scary. But keep your eyes open and there's always purpose and beauty in the scary parts.

* There was once a time when I might've said, "I could never do that", then miles later, lots of strength training; I realize…"I'm doing it. And I'm ok at it."

*Sometimes I have to unfetter by expectations. Either my own or others words that get in my head. (aka. the pace watch) Do my best and not worry about how it measures up to anything else.

*Go the distance every time. Finish strong.

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