Thursday, February 2, 2012


My Dad called me the week after I got back and wanted to hear about my trip. Well, how many hours do you have, I thought. But surprisingly after about 10 mintues he thanked me for telling him a few stories and then told me he'd call me again another day to hear a few more stories.
I like that approach. We learn in layers. We remember in layers. And we can tell our stories in layers.
So, here's a few more layers:

*The boys hostel is on the opposite side as the girls hostel and also from the bungalow. I'd been over at the boys side, visiting them after school. But it was getting close to evening devotions and I wanted to go say hello to some of the girls before then. I started to make my way across the campus to the girls hostel. I heard little feet running hard after me and then I felt a little, dry, calloused hand slip into mine. My little Rohan walked hand in hand with me all the way to the Bungalow. He didn't speak (either in his language or mine) and it didn't bother either of us. If he needed to hold my hand and walk with me, that was perfectly fine.

*My brother and sister in law got me the "mega awesome 80's Glam" pack of Sharpies for christmas (because I love sharpies and it is what I asked for). Brand new and sitting in my closet they awaited their crafty destiny. But while I was packing, the Lord said to me very clearly, put the Sharpies in you bag.
"What" I asked aloud in my closet.
Take the sharpies with you.
"Lord surely.."
Meg, put the sharpies in the bag. You'll know what to do with them.
Reluctantly, I put them in the bag.

A few days into the trip, Kristin was showing me some art projects that she was working on. Ding! I knew what they were for. So, I told Kristin the story of my christmas present that God wanted her to have. When i pulled them out of the bag she said they were perfect to finish the kids art project for the spring fundraiser.
Seeing God's purpose made me no longer reluctant to obey or give away.

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