Tuesday, August 9, 2011

KP's Birthday

 It was KP's birthday yesterday. Jax and I let dad sleep in a while because he has been really busy lately working and helping with church stuff. We went shopping for more work clothes, tried to have "five guys" for lunch (but there was a line out the door) so we opted for chick-fil-a and came home in time nap time. Nothing spectacular but it was thoroughly enjoyable to spend the day together, just us three.

KP had to work yesterday evening, so Jax and I colored the sidewalk and the back deck in sidewalk chalk, played in the rain and colored Dad a picture that he would see first thing when he came home super late last night.
 Jax did all the color. He's a whiz with the crayons. :)

 (Look how handsome these guys are! I am so blessed.)

Happy Birthday KP!

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