Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Alma Water Park Hoopla

On Sunday, we planned to meet whoever could meet us half way, for a little birthday fun.
We had heard about the aquatic park in Alma and decided to try it.

When we first pulled up, KP noticed that the park is right next to the Alma water treatment plant. Hmmm, curious. :)
It was a fun little park with several splash areas for the kiddies and big slides to let the "big boys" ride some rides, therefore justifying (sorta) bringing them all to a water park. The three boys (Carter, Beck and Jax) had a blast together.

Afterward we went to Cracker Barrell and managed to all get something to eat before the "post water park meltdowns" ensued.

Before long, it was time to call it good and let everyone head home in their different directions.

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