Wednesday, June 1, 2011

So Behind we'll just start with the right now.

Sometimes I sit down to write post and fill in all the space and time that has past in the these three week since we moved to Bella Vista. I'd like to eloquently document everything that we've felt, done, see, learned, etc. But sometimes I find that I get so far behind that I don't know where to start. 
 In some ways we feel like we're in a foreign country. Everthing does feel just that: foreign. And we dealing with issues such as landlords, no a/c, no dishwasher, daycare for Jax, tornados, flooding, loneliness, stress, and at time even in the past three weeks wondering what in the world all the chaos was for.
But worship with a new church family, and having family visitors already as kept us excited and encouraged admits daily hurdles and unknowns that entice us to fret or fear. I daily keep something that my friend Kristin Palmer said, "I daily get up and nail my desires to the cross." And that give me strength honestly, to try and get us daily and nail my plans for smooth transitions or even an a/c that works, to the cross and choose to be on God's team and do things his way.

So though I may not get to all the details today, here's a few pictures from when Mel, Beckett and Cooper came to visit this past weekend. It was the biggest blessing to have my sister here.
 Jax waiting for Beckett to arrive

 At the farmers market on Saturday in the Bentonville square.
 Mel the supermom who brought both her kids by herself for the weekend. We took the whole brood, including our friends Will and Sarah to the farmers market and on the way found this fun water fountain park. It was so warm that day that we just let the boys have at it in their clothes.

 It was big fun!
 The first day Beck wasn't so sure about playing in the water in his clothes. But he watched carefully from the side.

 With two toddlers and a baby…the was not a lot of sleep. But lots of wild and crazy memories being made!
 Jax loves "baby poo" as he calls him. He's so sweet to pat him and point out his nose and toes and eyes.

 This handsome guy is adjusting to life in Bella Vista well. There's lots of fun things to do and he loves our new church. He's sleeping well and even starting potty training. We found daycare as of yesterday and we're so thankful for what the Lord has provided for right now. He's loves having Nanny and Poppy here for a few days, immediately followed by Mel and the brood. So I don't really think he understands that we live farther away now, but maybe that is for the best right now.

 We took the boys back to the splash park the next day after church and Beck decided it WAS fun!
Cousin Buddies!

 Snack time! Say Cheese!

Uncle Kyle's got this!
 On Monday we went to "tankard springs nature trail" which is practically in our backyard, so I could take some overdue 2 year old pic of Beckett. (which I won't post just yet bec Mel gets to see them first). And because it was also hot and muggy this day, plus there was water….Jax just assumed we were getting in, in his clothes. Oh well, this might be the way that summer goes!

Really cool waterfall that I doubt was worth the meltdowns from the boys on the way up to it. But all in all we had a great little nature hike with the boys, took some cute pictures, cooper slept the whole way, and we had one last little adventure before it was time for Mel to head home.

In summary after the first three weeks in our new home:

Sometimes it's about keeping your head above water. Sometimes it's about learning to drown a little so we quit using all of our useless energy to flail about and just let him save us.

BUT  Everyday its about shifting your perspective even when everything feels foreign, discombobulated, shaky or even as if its all out of whack…God's still on the throne. Transition (Flux) is never easy, it's rarely smooth but it's always vital to get us going in a new direction.

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