Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Th Chronicles of B&J

In the middle of the stormiest two weeks I can remember in a long time, my computer has been in a state of unplugged. So now, I'm catching up with posting pics.
These are from a few weeks ago when we announced our big moving plans.

And now we can't get these boys together enough!! 
We will miss Aunt Lissa and Beck. But to help the tears, we're already making plans for the summer. Bella Vista has alot of fun things to offer and so hopefully there will be lots of swimming and adventures on the weekends with Beckett and family.

We're in the middle of allowing God to lead us to just the right place to live, finishing up our jobs here, "thinking" about packing up and finishing BSF strong. But in the middle of all that we're taking time to spend quality time with our favorite people. You just can't have enough of that!

Thank you God, for my sister.

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