Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Friday was Good, But then came Sunday

 Christ the Lord is Risen Today,

We don't do easter outfits or baskets. Not because we're legalistic or think the Easter bunny is the devil.
We just don't want anything to take away from the glorious fact that Jesus Christ rose from the grave on Easter morning.

He died on the cross and three days later he arose. He's Alive.

(all the easter bunny can do is hide eggs. i'm just sayin.)

I suppose, just like the "american dream", we don't buy into consumer holidays. We don't do santa, valentine's day or easter.
I mean, let's face facts, there's alot of ploys out there to get us to waste a LOT of money of candy and meaningless things. And in all soapbox honest, I've learning so much in Isaiah this year about how much God detests meaningless festivals. So, we like a good celebration, and you know we like to hang out with friends and fam, but we're trying to be intentional about teaching Jax WHAT to celebrate.

But we did do alot of celebrating.

On Saturday, Jax and I went and saw lots of turtles. Because he busted out the word "Turtle" all by himself this week after he saw a turtle crossing the path at Nanna's. We went to the pet shop and out the State Park visitor center. We love it out there because they have huge fish and a turtle display where the kids can actually play with the turtles. We took a walk around the lake and  made some quick stop at some local consignment shops in town and found some fun deals. (one plaid shirt pictured above)
Look at my handsome boys!

With our planned Easter picnic rained out...we took Easter dinner over to my sister's house. Everybody enjoyed relaxed company (except Jax and Beckett who have to be crazy together) before we hurried home just in time for the Tornado sirens to go off yet again.

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