Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We're moving.

Well folks, it's that week.
Moving week.
But wait, let me back up and say that I realize that I've posted several analogies and maybe even several vague posts lately. And some of you may have been able to gather what was going on at the Meredith house and what was happening next with the Meredith's. But a one funny friends pointed out, some people just like to have things spelled out for them.
So here's our official statement:
About 6 months ago the Lord started something in the Meredith's house that eventually led to us telling HIM that we wanted to go anywhere he wanted us to go and we wanted to do anything he wanted us to do. We surrendered. Overseas missions, stateside missions, moving, staying...we didn't care. For the first time we got over ourselves and said, nothing of us, only you Jesus.
So from there we felt if we're going to be ready to hear God direct us we needed to be in a place financially that we were FREE to go wherever and do whatever.
So, we sold out house. We sold alot of our stuff. (Purging is therapy!)We are packing up, closing on friday and moving in with my parents for a short while. We have a game plan to be debt free (completely!)very soon.
And from there...only the Lord knows.

I've never been in this place before. But I love it here. Surrendered to the Father who authors all of history and controls my every moment and breath. It's freeing and filled with hope.

We are also getting involved in a organization called:


and are really excited about it. We have always have a heart for orphans and now may have the chance to give Jax a special and unique brother or sister.

There's lots of things that we feel strongly about and are passionate about. But the thing we feel strongest about is not pursuing selfish ambitions anymore. We're excited to see where God leads us to do his work.

That concludes part of one of my state of the union address.

(If any of this is unclear, feel free to comment below and I will try to elaborate next time.)

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Allie Reveley said...

i'm so excited for you guys! i'm glad i'm catching up with your/your blog and its AWESOMe to see God move in your family - literally!
Jax is really blessed to have such amazing parents who are obidient to their Father!
i'm excited to hear more!