Sunday, November 21, 2010

A month, in pictures



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A whole month has gone by. I was so excited that Kristin was living with us for a whole month. And now it's already gone by. Four years ago was the first summer that Kristin stayed with us. Little did i know that she would be one of the best friends i've ever had and a special gift from the Father during some of life's toughest storms. Miss you already Kris! But so thankful for all the joyful memories of this past month.

Some highlights indclude:
*"Cook and Chat" with my mom. Instead of going to a ladies festival at church we had a cooking lesson and devotional with my mom. This is something that my mom and i used to do before I was married and I love it.

*Indian dinner night. Kristin and I cooked chicken curry, vegetable chutney, chipatti and fresh mango for dessert. Amazing! We even listened to one of our favorite CDs while we cooked: "Share the Well" by Caedmon's Call

*Hiking on Mt Nebo with Jax


*Hot Chocolate and popcorn anytime and all the time

*cakes and mashed potatoe and turkey leg cupcakes for my office thanksgiving dinner.

*bucket lists

*pictures that will make me smile and laugh for the rest of my life.

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