Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wicked Weekend in Memphis

I will refrain from quoting the entire country song but this story starts with "and we'll meet in the middle." And that's just what we did.
My mom, Kristin and I met my Aunt Robin in Memphis last weekend since its exactly half way for both of us. We had tickets to see Wicked on Saturday night and in the mean time we learned somethings about Memphis (and maybe ourselves)

*The economy has hit hard in Memphis. Except for Beale Street, most, if not all of downtown Memphis looked like the opening scene of "I am Legend". Deserted, closed up shops, empty buildings. Except foe Beale , the Orpheium and resturaunts...literally everyone else has packed up and left.
*You don't get to have a bubble of personal space on a trolley. And being on a trolley will always remind us of riding the train in India.
*Sometimes when you're telling a story about a resturaunt and you can't remember the name...you can look on the building and it might just have the name on it. The pier.
*You can walk faster if you take your heels off.
*I love Ribs. Pictured above was my very first plate of ribs. Good choice. Thanks Rendevous.
*Everybody that packed up, moved to Germantown. Next time, we may just go there.
*Robin is a great Miche Bag rep, she's got my thinking I need at least 4!
*There's never coffee and pie when you need it.
*When in doubt, everything is closed.
*Wicked is AMAZING! Maybe the best show I've ever seen. The music will knock you socks off.
*You can a heart to heart about God's will and talents on a trolley.
*You can spend an hour (or more) in Charming Charlie.
*It's always good to get away, go to the theater and go shopping. Pretty much always.
*We thanked the Lord for IHOP.

There's more pictures on the way, along with "quotes" and more lessons. So stay tuned...

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