Monday, October 11, 2010

Reunion Weekend: Ode to Lakeside

This past weekend was Kyle's 10 class reunion. Here's highpoints and lowpoints with pictures in between.

Low points:
*Meg getting a cold on Friday that lasted through Sunday. Cold Medicine Head.
*Jax has possible ear infection with several weeks left till Children's Appt. Ear drops, need I say more?
*"Heavy o'dourves" which included overpriced corndogs and meatballs. Really?

High points:
*JAX: Playing on the playground with all the horses and slides, riding in the golf cart with LuLu, seeing the donkey and goats at Mamaw's, getting to take Nemo home.
*KYLE: laughing with old friends, golfing with Grumps on Saturday, laying around watching football, long run around old highschool while Jax played on school playground.
*MEG: friendly face like two Ericas and Hannah. Two nights out with the hubs. All the cute moments with Jax.

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Lydia Lonon Miller said...

such a sweet family!
I cant believe how big Jax is getting!