Friday, July 23, 2010

Counting blessings



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For quite awhile we've been debating: "Go back to work or not to go back to work." That was definately the question. The Lord has provided for us through Jax's first tough year of surgeries and medical needs and now that we are in a good "normal" phase, I was willing to get a job as Kyle plans and prepares for what he wants to do next.
And as of this week I was offered a full time job at Terra Renewal. I actually start on monday. I'm really grateful for the work and am excited. And God has really taken care of the details. But part of all of why I'm posting about this is because it all happened late this week and I wasn't honestly planning on this being my last week at home with Jax full time. But it's been a wonderful week and we've had a great time.

*Last sunday we took Jax swimming at the Harrell's pool with Riley and JP.

*On Monday we got a new couch ( the plaid is gone!) and a new antique dresser to put my mixer on in the kitchen. And every girl knows that rearranging furniture is fun!

*On Tuesday I had a pancake breakfast with my wonderful sis Mel who already has preggo cravings

*On Wednesday I had a special play date with Lindsey and Parker and a wonderful date with my husband that included dinner at Dixie, coffee at hastings and a late movie! This was also the day that I got offered the job.

*On Thursday I made a cute cake for Staci's baby shower, which was so fun. I enjoy hanging out with these girls from our sunday school class.

*Today we spent time outside, we watched a movie together, he played with Beck with I ran a errand and I determined to enjoy every moment of my last weekend at home before starting full time work again on monday.

*Tomorrow we plan a bike ride ( thanks to our new awesome bike trailor from Jasa) and we get to see Lindz and Parker again. Who knows what else we'll plan but I'm sure it will be fun.

It makes me smile when I think about all the little things that happened this week (even ones I won't bore you with in the list) that are just little joys and fun blessings from the Father. And it helps me to trust him with the rest.

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