Friday, May 28, 2010

My own critic

Sometimes Kyle will ask me what I'm thinking and I laugh because sometimes it seems that I am thinking 20 things at once. This is also the reason that sometimes I don't blog for a while. I so many things bumping into each other in my thoughts that I'm not sure what is worth talking about. (or you care about) but I think the theme for this weeks thoughts is :critics.
This week I found myself confronted with a list of things about my natural self that were horrible and they seemed to outweigh anything that was good about me (Meg). But the simple fact that I have nothing good in me BUT Jesus was also reassuring. I can't make good choices on my own. I know I'm extreme and dramatic but it's true, I'm my worst critic. But self reflection and honesty about myself is good, I think.
I've always, always wanted to be a book and movie reviewer,critic. Not because I am an expert of literature or cinematography but because I think it's important to not just accept everything as good or nothing as good. But to find both on everything. And because this is my blog, I can do what I want I suppose.
This week I finished "The Host" by Stephanie Meyers ( who also wrote the twilight series). The Host is over 700 pages and for most of it I was in suspense. I honestly wasn't sure how things would work out and WHO they would work out for. I was intriuged by the premise and they characters were wonderfully believable. A great author can create a world that isn't there and make you not think twice about it's reality.
I also saw "Letters to Juliet" this week with some friends. While this was a predictable, corny and sweet "chick flick", I like the theme of actively pursuing something. All four main characters were actively pursuing their passions. And while life is rarely predictable, having passions can make unpredictablilty, sweet.

So, for what they are worth, those are some of my thoughts today.

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