Monday, April 12, 2010

Sounds, pictures and thoughts

While making a cake on Saturday for sweet Princess Macie Malloy, I broke my favorite bowl. Even though it was my favorite, I wasn't devastated, I was more worried that it would wake up Jax who was napping. I stupidly had set it on the edge of the counter for a spilt second while trying to make room for it to soak in the sink. Then it teetered faster than I could blink and went CRASHING to the floor. I froze! Would it wake him up. I waited. Nothing. I laughed to myself because sometimes the smallest sounds seem to wake him up and then other times he could sleep through anything. (ps. it a really good way to get the floors spotless is to try to make sure every speck of glass is cleaned up!) Which brings me to Jax's second nap on Saturday, after stopping by Macie's party and swinging with Beckett and Mel, Jax crashed and I decided to take that chance to get the yard mowed and cleaned up (it was a jungle out there!) Halfway through the backyard I ran out of gas. Thankfully my Dad came to the rescue and brought my some so I could keep going. And in my Dad's typical helpful fashion, he started "assessing" my yard. I told me he was going to go back home and bring back his chainsaw and cut a dead tree in our back yard. (I was thrilled!) And was Jax still sound asleep through mowers and chaisaws? You bet.

Sunday after church a group of us went and hiked the Canyon Falls Trail at Petit Jean. It was a beautiful day! Jax made monkey sound all the way there and back. Beckett said Woa! alot. We love to get outside and with Kyle's life schedule right now, Sundays are the best time to get out there and doing fun outdoor things. Plus, God did some amazing things at church that morning and it felt good to get out in his nature and continue the amazement.

Here's a few other things on my mind on this monday:

-Got a really special card from one of my favorite friends. I love cards. If card was a love language, it would be mine.
-Have a tough day last week. My Aunt Robin came over and we had an awesome prayer time. It encouraged me to be immediate about my prayer life with myself and with others. The words says pray without ceasing, this also implies RIGHT NOW. I want to be a type of frien
d that says, "ok, lets pray about that right now. let's talk to Jesus about that right now." Robin was a great example of that!
-Watched two movies last week. Clash of the Titans and Sherlock Holmes. Love both. Several people have that were there (who shall remain nameless) didn't like CofT at all. But just like most movies (in my opinion) are worth seeing for yourself and making up your own mind about. I have always be fascinated by greek mythology and Sherlock Holmes both so, there were things to like about each.
-Jax is trying to figure out how to drink from a real sippy cup. Can you imagine how hard it is to learn how to suck when you haven't had the mechanics to do that for a year. Now that he does, he can't really get the hang of it. But I tell him he's the king of transistions anyway because he went from formula to whole milk in one day. He loves it more than he ever loved formula.
-Bought wipes for the first time last week in A YEAR! Can you believe that? It's true, we got so many wipes at showers before Jax was born that I didn't have to buy wipes the entire first year. I mean, that is a small thing but that's how much my Jesus cares for us!

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