Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Projects on a beautiful day

Sometime "saturdays" come in the middle of the week. Kyle usually has to work saturdays and so then will get some random day or half day off. So this week, Wednesday was our Saturday. And it was awesome. We got a gift car to Lowe's for chirstmas and have been trying to think since then of how we wanted to spend it. And we decided to start working on our curb appeal. I was so excited about flower beds and yard renovation today because I've been waiting three years for flower beds. And as KP and I decided today that you just have to start somewhere and know that it's always a work in progress. I could only afford to buy enough plants and bushes to get us started...not the whole flower dept at Lowe's. But who knows, maybe I'll get more flowers for mother's day or something.
This is the wreath I made today to make my door smile. My mom made the bow because I stink at bows. Good thing I have boys at my house.

This is my dogwood that I am really proud of because we transplanted this from some of our family's land and we weren't sure it would survive. But clearly, it's thriving!

These are my lastest favorite. I found these at HL on clearance in the garden department. (A real steal!) The are now hanging above our bed. I think they are pretty swank!

These are our projects on a beautiful Saturday that came on a Wednesday.
Ps. Somewhere in there, Jax ate dirt for the first time. What a boy!

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