Thursday, December 10, 2009

Visitors from afar.

At first glance these are just sweet pictures of a precious, sleepy boy and a beautiful girl. But to me they are two of my favorite people and two of the biggest testimonies of God's grace and strength. And I am truly honored to have in my life. Kristin Palmer hadn't seen Jax since he was a few weeks old. Back then, he hadn't even gotten his lip repaired, so this was a special moment. 
Kristin is serving the Lord at BGCH right now and was only in town for the weekend. (we miss you already!) We ate really good food twice, watched a sad movie on accident, talked alot, laughed even more and dreamed about what the future might hold for us and her and BGCH. 
We had a wonderful time. I love friends that everytime you talk, they make you laugh till your face hurts and it's as though you're not really half a world away on any given, normal day.  Some of Kyle and I's very closest friends are people that we value who they truly are but more than that, we value how they are choosing to serve God everyday. And we hope to serve along side them someday. 

Ams and Cha-Cha Joe, this made us miss you two! We love you guys! 

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the.feeblefutts said...

We love and miss you guys too! Reading this post made us realize how much time has already gone by... last time we saw Jax was the day he was born. He is getting so big and super cute.
Looking forward to all the future holds!