Thursday, December 3, 2009


Can a heart be full and heavy at the same time?  For today (4/2) as our big man, Jax turned eight months old, we also lost Kyle's grandpa.

But we remain blessed and grateful. 

Here's a few small things about Jax that we're grateful for:
* Weighs 22 Lbs
* Loves his boy boy car seat
* Thinks he can free stand (even though he can't)
*Love big boy baths
*Feeds himself snacks
*Is a champ with the sippy cup (we are switching completely over this month)
*Loves to cruise up and down the couch
* Will have second surgery in February
*Wears 12 month clothes and size 3 shoes (thought we're closing in on 4's)


M Oliver said...


Missed you last night! Heard you had a busy day (Becky). These are amazing pics...whenever you feel in the giving spirit...let me know...I need lots of picture taking lessons! :)

Allie Reveley said...

what a big boy! he is so cute! adorable!!!!! time is flying by! what a joy...
caed always had huge feet too, he was born with a size 2! hahaah!