Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New To This Blog Thing

So, we don't really blog. At least ever before. But seeing as how life is changing rapidly, we figured that the best way to keep everyone informed was to put it out there for everyone to see. So many of our friends have blogs, so I guess we should too.
We are so blessed right now, life is at a good pace and God has been showing us each step that we need to take. We are expecting our first baby in March ( the 24th to be exact), Kyle is still in school and planning to graduate in July and hopefully also having a teaching/coaching job lined up by that time too. So there are big life changes ahead that we are looking forward to and praying urgently about. We are learning to trust God and be willing to go where he leads and do what he asks. 
My sister , Melissa, is also pregnant and only four weeks behind me, so needless to say, March and April will be busy around the Meredith/Rogers/Tuckfield houses. It's totally fun to be pregnant sister together and go through all the sickness,fatigue,joy and growing pains that come with it.  My brother, Nathan, just won "Rookie of the Year" and "State Champ" in bareback riding. It was such a well deserved and proud moment to see him take home a saddle and two (very large and flashy) buckles! It's so great to have all my siblings close to home- it may not always be that way, so we are thankful for the time we have and will have to enjoy.

There'll be more to come!


The Merediths said...

Blogging is the new black.

Dickersons said...

I'm so excited that you have a blog!!
We miss you guys!!