Wednesday, April 2, 2014

In His Five Short Years

Jax turns five on Today!
You can revisit the day he was born  HERE

5 years ago, at 12:17, the world changed for the better.
5 years. Holy heart attack, is that even possible? Yes it is, even though there are days, I'll admit I still feel stuck in that first year of his life. But five years have past. And we knew he was our little superman then, but he is growing into that name more every year.

In Jax's five short years he has:

- Ear infections at week 2
-  Lip repair surgery at 10 weeks old plus tubes
- Palate repair surgery at 10 months old
- Had his way of eating and drinking changed at least 7 times
- Had three sets of tubes
-Moved to NWA
-Welcomed foster kids into our home with a big heart and open arms
- Dental surgery at age 4
-lost 3 teeth
-helped care for a foster cleft baby and was so proud that the baby had a "hole in his face just like him"
-learned that Jesus died on the cross to save his people from sin. 
- raised money through smile train for his 5th birthday so that one or more kids on a third world country    Can have cleft surgery. 

And listen,  I don't list all that stuff to brag and start a mommy war. I just want to remember all that God has done in Jax's life well before the kid even has memories. I truly believe that some of the hardest starts, have the most brilliant purpose. Just like Jax's "twin", our other four year old who is soon to be adopted, she's been through more in her first few years than anyone should go through ...ever. But I believe that it is because she has great purpose. 

When we found out we were pregnant, we weren't trying to start a family, we thought we weren't ready for kids-we were ghastly and selfish…the most embarrassing versions of ourselves. But God had different plans, and boy, were they better than we ever could have planned!
God has used this boy to change our lives. I mean, just being a parent changes your life, but having a cleft kid changes your definition of:
*putting your child in Gods hands
*what a family looks like. 

It was clearly only the beginning of God fine tuning those definitions.

This boy, whose name means "God has been gracious" is the greatest thing and reminds us daily that God has indeed been gracious to us by changing our course and entrusting us with such a super little guy. 

As he turns five, he'd like you to know that:

His favorite color: pink and red
Favorite show: Planes and Wild Kratts
Favorite toy: Spider-man Legos, Green Lantern
Favorite place to go: Beckett's house
Favorite food: Apples
What do you want to be when you grow up: Green  lantern or play sports like daddy
Favorite song: Joy to the world
Favorite treat: Gummie worms
Best Friend: Beckett
What are excited about kindergarten: Yes, I want a new school to try out
LEAST favorite thing to do: to watch Frozen with my sissy

Happy 5th Birthday Jaximus!

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