Monday, June 11, 2012

Currently the kids are snuggled in on the couches in the playroom watching Cars2, complete with popcorn.  So I snuck away to document a little of life lately.

This past weekend was a glorious slice of chaos. My sis, Mel, and her two boys were here from Thurs thru Sat. We ( me and mel) successfully too all 5 kids out to dinner on Thursday night ( Dink's BBQ: Kids eat free on thurs night…can't miss it!). We went to the pool, the splash park and the playground. We adventure slept, we sighed alot, we celebrated naptime with sonic happy hour and we refereed the whole weekend.
Then on saturday my best friend Kristin joined us for the day. After Mel and the kids left, we took the kids to Tanyard Creek where they proceeded to get filthy and wet but we decided to go out to eat anyway (yes, lately we're that family). After dinner KP agreed (because he's amazing) to take the kids home and do baths while Kristin and I went to walmart. After the kids were all in bed, Kristin and I colored her hair in my kitchen.

It was a wonderful weekend. I realized on sunday that this weekend was crazy but we're sort of getting used to operating at this level of crazy and so it wasn't at all frustrating or overwhelming. It was fun. I love having a house full. Even after all the guests leave, I still have a house full.

I have an "oldest" whose thriving with structure, chores and rewards, lots of exercise and KP whose teaching him baseball, running and golf. I have a Jax whose getting bigger all the time, older in his level of understanding and is so easy going. I have a youngest whose full of energy, drama, repetition, more drama and more energy but who is also thriving on structure and boundaries. We've got a house full of good things happening.

I have so many cool parenting moment stories, "wow God" stories and laugh at myself frustrating stories that I could share. But as Mel and Kristin both found out as we all sat and laughed together in my living room, stories are always better on my sofa, with a cup of coffee ( or sonic). So, come over, I'll share my stories.

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad that in this crazy world you are having so much fun!!!

Annie Martin