Thursday, February 23, 2012

Jax: lately

Its been a while since I took pictures of just Jax. Especially since I had over 1,000 photos to edit from India, I got distracted with that and quit taking new ones once I got home. But yesterday we opened the windows and doors and enjoyed the random high of 72, on our back deck.
We will most likely have a new member of our family in the next 6-8 weeks, so we're going to try to relish the next few months of time alone with just Jax. He'll be three at the beginning of April and is crazy to think about. I'm not one of those that gets teary about "oh my baby is 3!" but I do get teary to think about all that God has acomplished in the last three years.
Here's a few highlights of Jax, lately:

New things: Jax is so creative, he's already made up his own dialect, which is hilarious to listen to. Its like pig-latin only just adding "ll"s and "a"s to everything. For example: the phrase "go outside" becomes "golla oullasidala" So funny. And what is funnier is that his nanna speaks his language! When she came to visit a few weeks ago, she picked it right up and they just chatted away.

Loving Lately: He got a bicycle for christmas and he loves to ride it. We were so suprised that he can peddle by himself. With these warmer days, I'm sure we'll be taking advantage of them and hittin the trails.

Training: We talk to him about the kids that will be living with us and mostly he just gets excited about the idea of someone coming to his house to play with him.

Overheard in the car: "Mom, where's Jesus?"
"Well, sweetie, Jesus lives in heaven with God."
"Where's heaven?"
"It's very far away. Maybe you can go there one day."
"But mom, where's Jesus really?"
"He's in heaven. He sits right by God."
"Can we go see him?"
"Yes, sweetie, he lets everyone who loves him come see him. Just not today."

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