Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's been...

(this pic has nothing to do with anything, they are just too cute not to post)

It's been since thanksgiving since I even thought about posting on this here blog.
It's been a whirlwind of a few weeks.
It's been bsf, church, travel, fundraising and friends.
It's been holiday festivities.
It's been laundry, house cleaning, baking, christmas crafting and more.

But the greatest thing that the past weeks has been in a testimony of God's faithfulness. As of maybe three weeks ago, I was praying for $2,300 to be able to go to India on January 8th. And because my God is the perfect and timely provider, I now am only praying for around $900.
It is an amazing thing to watch God do something the way he sees fit. He provides exactly how he wants to.
Has my faith been puny and swerving? At times yes.
Did I wonder where it would all come from? At times yes.

Does love to prove me wrong by proving his character to me? YES!

Over the past few weeks he's brought checks in the mail, a few side jobs, a candle party…small things that taught me to trust his timing. My mom and sister hosted an amazing open house this past weekend in Russellville. We had a bake sale, we had hand painted things, we had hand sewn things, we had hair products…etc. It was a fun event not only a profitable one. In a little less than 3 hours, the Lord brought in just over $800.
My faith was renewed. My heart, encouraged. I still have a balance. But it is no longer daunting, because HE who is faithful WILL provide.

Thank you to all my friends who came out to supported me and gave generously as each of you were able. Thank you to my amazing sister who sews such wonderful things, and who cares for me and supports me. Thank you to my mother who sacrificed time, energy, money and put so munch into Saturday. I love you all and thank you for your support.

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