Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cleft Ear Tube Trouble

Right now, there's a little boy sleeping upstairs. A sweet little boy who can put his boots on all by himself. And a proud little boy that didn't want to take these frog boots off for naptime.

I miss my days at home with this little boy. And even though I am home today because he had a fever again because we are still struggling with his ears, I enjoy every moment of being home with him. Even my initial worry of not being at work and how that would affect my work load later and my paycheck...all quickly melted as we played horses, and barn yard, and stacked cups. His laughter is like candy and it brings me such delight. I miss my days at home with this little boy because I know he won't be little forever (or even very long)
So for today, even though we're on the phone with ACH trying to decide what to do, and we're taking tylenol and doing ear drops...I'm revelling in today.

For today I get to pause. Take a small siesta from busy life. My mom is in the kitchen baking bread, I just pulled cupcakes out of the oven and the sun is shinning warmly today.

Most days my mind and my day is jammed packed with things to do, get done, check off, research, worry about, get him to speech therapy, go to the store, make dinner, call so and so, mail this, ...the list goes on.

I don't know how busy your day is or how long your list is. Maybe longer than mine. I don't know how long I'll work, some days it doesn't seem like I shouldn't at all. I hope and pray that God would one day allow me to spend my days with this little guy.

But for today, I hear the Savior say...slow down. Just slow down and listen. Revell.

I hope you slow down today. Even if it's forced becuase of sick kids, a broken washer or even something more troubling. Slow down and listen. Revell in the stillness of God.
Enjoy your time as home, thank God for it, because they won't be small forever.


Kristen and David said...

This was beautifully written Meg. Thank you for the reminder. I'm glad I found your blog! I'll have to visit often!

I wonder who those cupcakes were for...:)

The Merediths said...

Of course I'm crying as I read your post because, ironically, I am concurrently searching for child care in my other open tabs....

I am so glad you got a day home with Jax. You deserve it. And many more.