Friday, December 31, 2010

Cuttin loose on the last day of 2010

Jaxon's New Year's Eve:

*Woke up to news reports of tornados, and no fever.
*Alternated between Thomas the Train and the weather channel.
*Watched the weather out the window.
*Waited it out long enough through nap time that we finally got to head to Conway
*the Jaxinator got his first REAL haircut today!
*We think he's cute no matter what, but under that mop of hair there was a grown up looking handsome little guy!
*Target debit machine was borken so looks like I'll get to spend my christmas giftcard another day on something else!
*Spiked a fever on the way home, fell asleep by Morrilton. Went to bed (looking handsome) at 7:00!

It's been an unusual last day of 2010.

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