Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I would venture to say that I've had alot on my mind. If you read this blog, then i would also assume that you may know a tid bit of to what I am referring. I won't spell it out via the internet.
But when life is stormy (like the weather outside today, things sometimes stick in your head and help you get through the day. Here are a few quotes that I have enjoyed:

"If you can weather this storm, you'll be a darn good sailor." - Nathan (granted he didn't say darn. And I might prefer to be a pirate.)

"You can't experience true Victory unless you've been through something hard enough to need the tables turned. And trusting God is the only thing that turns the tables." -Beth Moore (Esther)

"It was as if God was saying to the remnant, Return to me and I will fight for you." -Julie Jacobson (BSF)

"How you think affects what you believe. What you believe affects what you expect. What you expect affects what you do. If you want to change your life, change the way you think." - Nathan (not sure if he authored this but he's the one who said it to me)

On another note, I mentioned before that Jax was getting new tubes on the 12th. By the graciousness of God's timing and ACH, they got moved up to this thursday. This will be Jax's third set of tubes and they can't come too soon. Looking forward to relief from ear infections.
We were scheduled to attend our first adoption meeting on thrusday but felt that new tubes were a priority, so again, God knows the timing of all things and work it out to his perfect plan so we'll wait for the next adoption meeting.

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