Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I probablly should write a book on this trip, because there is already too much to blog on. Too much to catch up on and I'm having too much fun. So, like any good meg meredith post, I'll make you a list.

*5 hours to Nashville on Thursday night. Jax slept the whole way.

*Two hours detour from the after affects of the floods...put us at Robin's at 2:30am

*We not big fans on Tennessee for these reasons: 1) they put all gas stations as far away from the exit ramps as possible. Really Annoying. 2) An hour down the road they decide to close it without warning you at the beginning of the road. Rude.

*Jax is good lil traveler

*we started a list of funny quotes from trip. maybe I'll have time to share them and tell the stories when I get home.

*Got to maryland around 11:30pm

*Had a great easy on Satruday setting up and decorating for the fundraiser. Kristin was really relaxed and not stressed out. Everything went so smoothly and God blessed the work that BGCH does.

*Saturday was Tech Graduation. Kyle was not there. By choice. We paused in celebration to awknowledge the tremendous moment of achievement ( and it didn't take three hours)! Way to go KP!

*Mark Palfreeman came as the guest speaker for the event. He couldn't get over the green walmart or they way that everyone says water. We thought it was funny that we all had to come all the way to Maryland to hang out.

*Kyle left on Monday early and had a brutal drive home alone.

*On Monday, Kristin and her sisters, Rachel and Kimberely took the lil boys, Jax and Ethan to Lancaster, MD which is Amish country. It was so interesting. I loved every minute of the day. There are tons of fun pics from this adventure with the boys (to be posted somewhere, someday)

*Jax is way off schedule and waking up early. But thanks to the workout room, we a least get our workouts in everyday.

*We had a low key day today and rain errands in the rain with Kristin. We have one more day and then we are hitting the road together on Thursday very early.

I'm sure there's much more to come and much I haven't even mentiones. But for now, I've summed up the high points of Road Trip/Fundraiser/GraduationTrip 2010.

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