Friday, May 7, 2010


If you are quiet now, you can hear all of the following:
- "Pomp and Circumstance"
-The Hallelujah Chorus (sung by a host of angels)
-All of our friends and family yelling whatever they want at the top of their lungs in joyful exclamation! (some of which I'm sure is not appropriate to list on a blog, due to the festive nature of some of our friends and family:)

Because... (drum roll, soundtrack music swelling, dramatic pause for effect and suspense...)

Kyle is done with School!

If I had appropriate time and space, I could recount to you the long journey toward graduating that Kyle has been on since 2000. But just for now, I'll sum up. There were times we weren't sure we were doing the right thing, we argued philosophies about "finishing what you start" vs "american dreams" and everything in between. The end goal after graduating has change ...I can't even count how many times. There have been those days when one or both of us weren't
sure we'd survive finals, libraries or student loans.
Kyle has joked before that someone turned off the light at the end of the tunnel. But, with or without a light he finished. And now we stand as a little family on a beautiful threshold of a whole new chapter and journey.
And that's a more serious topic that I'm sure we'll get to another day. For now, it's summer and it's time to par-tay!!!

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the.feeblefutts said...

We're so proud. Wish we were there to celebrate. But then again, we'll see you soon and we can party then!