Monday, April 5, 2010

Recap, Resurrection and the Stache

I told several people this past week that when Jax was born I wasn't really sure if or how we'd make it through this first year. But we are please to announce: We made it!
Jax turned 1 year old on Friday!
Which was a perfect day to give so much glory to Jesus because it was (as everyone knows) Good Friday, so we already had soo much to praise him for already.

On his birthday a few festivties included (but not documented, sad):
-Early morning pancakes at the Kiwanis Club pancaked breakfast. Jax actually didn't want anything to do with the pancakes. He only had eyes for his banana. Oh well, can't say that I hate that.
-Kyle's Mustache. Kyle decided that he wanted to try out a mustache and thus: "the birthday stache"
-New diaper bag/backpack with his name on it.
-Dinner at CJ's with Nanna and Pappy, Mel, Kev and Beck, and Aunt Kori. Kori couldn't come the next day for the party because of school stuff and so we were happy to see her and have dinner on what turned out to be a stormy night.
-Writing in his journal. I've mentioned this before. In this entry I tried to think through details of the day he was born (thing I may not remember when I'm fifty) and things he's been through this first year. For example; we've had to switch his bottle/cup/ 7 times! What a champ. I want him to know later, when he's older why he turned out so understanding of change and so charming and easy going. :)

We were so happy to get to have a party on Saturday. It was beautiful day and we had alot of fun. But having kids and parties, means that sometimes it can feel a little whirlwindish and a lack of photos. :) I told kyle later that night that I wasn't sure who I talked to or how long i saw some people.
Here are some of the highlights:
-The memory tree: I mailed out cards for people to bring back with prayers or memories of Jax in his first year. It was really special to have them brought back and to see all the things that our friends and family have prayed for Jax as we watched God do miracles this year. Which is why we wanted to have a party at all, to celebrate all that God has done.
-Jax not really knowing what to do with his cupcake. He wasn't sure about all the icing on his fingers.
-All the kiddos. So cute to watch them play. Really glad everyone got to come!
-All our friends! Some we see on a daily basis, some we hadn't seen in almost a year but they are all people that are have been there for us every step of the way through diagnosis, surgery, recovery and all the fun inbetween!
-Having the party at my parents house. They have such a great deck and space outside that it's not the first memory of kiddos at their house and it certainly won't be the last.
-At the end of the day, putting the boys to bed and eating a fabulous dinner with my whole fam and watching the final four game. These were sort of our "Easter" plans since Nathan and Megan had plans to be in Redfield with her fam on Sunday.

Which brings me to Sunday:
Easter to me this year mean more. Through studying John this semester in BSF, I felt the power of the cross more deeply. And I doubt I can convey that through a blog, properly. One thing I will say, in my family, as a kid, we never did Easter bunnies, baskets or clothes. So it honestly didn't cross my mind to buy Jax a Easter basket or hides eggs or take pictures with bunnies or buy a whole new outfit. And my disclaimer here is that I don't think those things are wrong or sinful. But because this is my blog I'm going to be really bold here with my thoughts in hopes that its okay... If I believe that Jesus is who he said he was, and he really did what he said he did and he is literally the only person in history to rise from the dead- doesn't he deserve all the focus? Do I dare share that with anything else?
So our Easter was low key. We had a wonderful sermon and great sunday school. And went out to eat with Mel, Kev and Beckett and Nanna and Pappy. The rest of the day was a restful day at home with the boys. (again, no pics)

So my top three things to thank Jesus for are as follows:
(in case you didn't know I love lists and top 10s,5s or in this case 3s!)

#3 The stache was only a one day thing. (can I hear an amen)
#2 Superman turned one!
#1 Jesus came, died and rose again to take away the sin of the world and provide salvation.

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Katy Hill said...

Glad you guys had a fun time celebrating Jax's birthday! His first year of life certainly deserves a party-what a little trooper! By the way, I love all the family photos in the previous post-they are wonderful.