Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Under the bed.

This may look like I'm just taking a picture of Jax's bedskirt. But what I wish you could hear is the jabber that is coming from behind this bedskirt. And I wish you could see Jax dragging books and toys under the bed and sitting under there for at least 20 min.Jax loves playing "tent" anywhere or with anything. It's something Kyle plays with him with blankets and such. But the other day he found the best tent in the house. I was putting away his clean clothes (not my favorite job) and Jax was just doing his typical demo on all his shelves. And then all of the sudden, he wasn't there. But I could hear him. He had just ventured under the bed. It was pretty cute.

It's now his favorite thing. He doesn't even seem to care that it's dark under there.I told Kyle that someday he'll be begging us to go spelunking and camping and climbing.


Megon said...

This was a cute post. I wish B had that kind of room under his crib....looks like fun!!

the.feeblefutts said...

Can I go ahead and reserve a spot on that 1st spelunking trip? Can't wait to get Internet again so we can catch up. Love you guys!