Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Milkshakes save lives

This morning on my run, I thought to myself, "If I say we've turned a corner, it will change." but then I thought to myself, "That's not faith."

So speaking in faith: We've turned a corner.

With the advice of our favorite nurse, we gave Jax some melted, thin, milkshake. And do you think he loved it? Of couse he did. Who wouldn't? She also suggested that we get him more calories by mixing in Carnation instant breakfast with his formula. And I know, we've created a chocolate monster...but at this point in my journey as young mom, I feel well versed in "whatever works". And what is working right now is milkshakes and instant breakfast. Jax is eating better and seems to grow more and more like himself everyday. 
He doesn't seem to want anything to do with his sippy cups so what is working right now is the McDonald's cups ( which is funny and cute). We see smiles sometimes and he's starting to make  cute Jax sounds that we have missed. And though it seems to take an eternity to get jax to sleep, when he is alseep, he takes good naps. We still have a slow day by day process but turning a corner brings joy. 
Yesterday was a day of visitors. My amazing friend Kayte brought girl movies and gifts. My sister brought Beckett over to play for a little while ( Jax and Beckett had a big time getting into the tuperware drawers). My mom brought Jax a milkshake at lunch. My Dad stopped by to make Jax giggle. Kyle parents came to visit at night and brought pizza.  I love days like this when you know that people care for you. 

I have been moved by how tremendous the response has been of love and support for us. Be it text messages filled with prayers and encouragement or emails of scripture that are God sent. I know personally we have been blessed with such great friends and family (I know I've said that many times) but even sometimes encouragement comes in the most unexpected avenues. And that is humbling and overwhleming. I've had some unexpected people support me in my efforts to work from home, and I've also had some friends rally behind me and support me as well.

 And just like we talked about last night at BSF, to receive comfort and encouragement from Christ, you also have to be willing to receive his truth. And part of that is be willing to release you fears. I've had alot of fears over the past months, even more concentrated in the last week. (Jax's eating, lack of sleep, just Jax's healing in general, not being able to work for several weeks etc) but when you release those, Christ is free to comfort and also contrast those fears with his greatness and how well he provides for everything. 

Sometimes God is gracious enough to allow us to turn a corner just to get our eyes fixed back on him!

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the.feeblefutts said...

So encouraged by hearing your testimony of faith! We are praying for you guys daily and thanking the Father for His blessings during this time.