Saturday, January 30, 2010

A day like today

I did a few little crafty projects. The story about this picture is that Jax hasn't used his changing table (which was on top of this dresser) in a long time. He squirms too much. So I decided to just take it off. And I wanted a little trash can to keep in his room. I remembered I had this mini trash can that my friend Allie gave me back in college (she used to keep paint supplies in it and for a while we kept Raja's treats in there). So I painted it and now it sits on the top of the dresser. Who says trash can't be cute?
allie-you'll appreciate this!
I used to scrapbook and still have alot of supplies. I also have limited closet space in our house and have been working on spacial skills and my anti-pack rat skills. So two birds with one stone: I made a bunch of cards out of the scrapbooking stuff. Which was really easy and now I have a stack of cards on hand for any occasion.
I also had this empty plastic box and I got a little too excited about puff paint and made a cute box for Jax's medicines. It's not the cutest thing in the world but I have fun making stuff I might've thrown away into something cute and useful.
Kyle took this cute picture of all our boots today.
Jax's likes the snow and the pine needles.
As you can tell we have some branches that are hanging way low now. Somebody get the chainsaw and help us cut some stuff up!

  Nobody needs to say it, but they spitten images.
Love these family pictures. I woke up thinking that we would have such a fun family day together but Kyle ended having to go to work. I really have the greatest man in my life because he works so hard so the I can stay snowed in with Jax, crawling around the house, following the trail of cheerios and banging on everything with spoons and spatulas. Thankful for hobbies and my husband on a day like today!


Allie Reveley said...

I LOVE THIS POST! i remember that trash can! adorable!
the cards are great - big accomplishment.
snow pictures are amazing.

Mel said...

You are so creative and so productive. I sat on the couch all day. Ha!