Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Play by Play

My morning started at 2:00am. Jax had certain hours that he could still have milk and then certain hours that he could only have pedialyte. So we had to feed and then by the time that was done it was time to get myself ready and then Jax ready and before I knew it, it was time to leave.

Ever since he was born there had been this mounting anticipation of surgery. But on the way to Little Rock that morning, we just took deep breaths and put the next few delicate hours in God's hands. We love the ENT team at children's and certainly did not doubt their ability to take excellent care of's just the handing him over that was hard to picture in our minds. But once we arrived at Children's Hospital, God's grace had settled on us and we had no stress or worry and the morning seemed to pass quickly.

Suddenly we were talking to everyone, they were telling us what to expect and how the day would play out. And then in one swift moment Jax was in the arms of a great nurse and on his way to getting an whole new lip and nose.

The surgery only took about and hour and a half. Dr. Buckmiller came out when it was over and told us how well he did and how amazing he looked. She told us that some parents have hard time when they first see their babies because they have come to love their faces the way they are and have bonded with their mouths and noses. But what we didn't expect was how much more we could possibly love our little guy. I fell in love with him all over again.

These thing that follow are never easy; handing your child over, seeing blood all over their small face, watching your sweet baby hooked up to machines and on medications and all swollen BUT there is abounding grace for such things.

Jax now has the most adorable nose and the sweetest little lip. He is recovering remarkably well. Everyday he looks 2x as good as he did the day before.
 I certainly don't believe in evolution; in the sense of what is taught in school but I've seen evidence of something that I believe God installed in some or all people: the ability to adapt. Jax has taken swiftly to a weird way to eat and he doesn't even fuss about wearing his "no-no's" (elbow restraints).  We even make do without our paci.

We go back tuesday to get his sutures out and then we can go back to his old bottle and he hopefully won't have to wear the no-nos anymore. Everyday is an adventure and we are looking forward to the next step.
Thanks to all our friends and family that have been such amazing support. You made one of the biggest days in our sons life so far, feel easier,smoother and we definatly felt loved. 

Thanks and praise be to God. His grace abounds to us!


EricaT said...

We've been keeping up with you guys and I cannot tell you what an inspiration you are!! Your son was beautiful the day he was born and I'm so glad he is doing so well after surgery!! We will definitely be keeping you all in our prayers!

JuJu said...

Kyle & Meg

We have been keeping up with you guys through LuLu. Jax is so precious. We are so glad that everything is going well for him. Prayers have been answered daily. We will continue to keep you in our prayers. I can't wait to get my hands on him. He needs to be introduced to Aunt "JuJu". Love you guys. Aunt Julie